June 24th, 2005

South Park Self, Disappointed

Bad Earthlink. Bad bad.

Within a couple of minutes of 6:30 my internet connection decides to drop. Not just for my computer or the wireless router, but the DSL modem isn't getting a connection anymore. Just great. I was supposed to talk to romeohotel at 6:30, but that obviously isn't happening.

Hmm, connection is back now, 10 minutes later. I wonder if I missed him. Oh well, guess I'll just see him this evening.
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Working on the computer, Working

Attach or link to PDF resume?

Does anyone know if it's acceptable to link to a resume in an email rather than attach it, or is it best just to attach it anyway? The resume in question is a PDF approximately 236.5 KB in size. (That's a little under a quarter of a MB)

So far my email text looks something like this:

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Working on the computer, Working

Resume attachment and job cards

So I've sent off another email apologizing for the lack of resume attachment and actually included the resume that time. One person had already sent a reply email saying the resume wasn't attached and to resend. heh...

I know at least one place will most likely say no. They were looking for applicants to know JSP, ASP, and PHP... Umm, hello? I'd consider ASP and PHP bitter enemies and JSP neutral. I've had no desire to learn ASP, much less means to buy a server that I can play with it on.

The other three are up for grabs. We'll see.

Now I need to go through the Cincinnati phone book and mail job cards to the local businesses that might be looking for my skills.
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