July 4th, 2005

Composed Me

Dangerous Driving

(I've been gone for over two days and there are only 10 new entries on my main friends page)

You know those people who ride your bumper if you go slower than they are, change lanes right in front of another car (especially if the other car is going faster than they are) without even using their blinker, or easily go 20+ miles over the speed limit? Well, my sister is one of those people. After seeing my brother drive all weekend and then my sister for the last couple of hours on the way home, I've realized just how dangerous her driving is. I'm very tempted to boycott ever riding with her again. I felt safe enough to go to sleep with my brother at the wheel and not worry about not waking up again, but with my sister I feel like I have to watch constantly or I might easily not wake up again, or wake up in the hospital.

Weekend report later. Yes, it was a good weekend.
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