July 13th, 2005

Composed Me

Dream Story

That is one dream I'd prefer just as well not to have.

In the dream I was playing one of these 3D role-playing games (except maybe a little too 3D/real-ish?). I was laying in the room of a house and someone else was with me in the game. That person left and a few moments later a big burly guy came in and started acting all macho. He was grinning and getting really close to me. At one point he even laid next to me and put his arm around me, to which I pushed him off. He chuckled and said something, although I don't remember what.

He soon after left and the person I was with came back. I told them about the guy and they proceeded to act all "Where is he? I'll beat him up." But anyway, I calmed them down and later, once they had left again, the big burly guy came back carrying something fairly big wrapped in cloth. He was mentioning something about being a caged bird as he took the cloth off and revealed a cage with a bird in it. He was trying to intimidate me or something with what he was doing and saying, several other things as well as the caged bird thing. I told him he wasn't intimidating me to which he looked a little annoyed before carrying on. I'm pretty sure his goal was psychological submission and rape...

Of course then the phone rang and I woke up.
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Brain Overload

Too many conversations trying to go on in my head at the same time and no where to get them out. Add to that the things I'm trying to do (programming, basically) and my mind is a disaster area for keeping the train on the track. About to overkill the metaphors too.
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