July 17th, 2005

South Park Self, Disappointed

Hello again

I'm not feeling all that great right now. Actually, I feel just about depressed, except I'm not thinking negative thoughts (yet). Thus the music. Stephen called it depressing, but to me, when I'm in this mood, most of the time it's ... almost nice.

Rob left about half an hour ago. He won't get in until about 10 tonight (7 hours from now), traffic providing. It was a nice weekend, I just don't feel so great. It felt short. Very short. Probably all my doing. We rented a couple of movies (I have an account at Hastings now) but we only saw half of one before he left. I want to return them today (credit for next rental) and I'm tempted to watch them before I return them, but I doubt I'll get either done.

Edit: Scratch that. I feel horrible right now, for so many reasons.
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    "Calling All Angels" by Jane Siberry