July 20th, 2005

Composed Me

Rides for sale. Get your rides here.

I just got back from following my brother to a car repair place and droving him back. The power steering on his car seems to be going out, he says.

I actually was up at a little after four this morning. I tried to go back to sleep but woke up again a few minutes before four-thirty. I came down here and napped on the futon until he was ready at approximately six.

Rob will be on in about half an hour and off to work about half an hour after that. Once he's off I'm going back to bed. Well, as far as back to the bed I can go while still keeping an ear on the business phone, which means I'm actually going to sleep on the futon. Go me for being so tired that I feel like I could drop at any moment, yet staying awake.

Oh yes, this is actually the third time I've driven someone in the last week. First time was with my sister to pick up her rental car last Thursday. Second time was yesterday to pick up my brother's rental car. Third time was just now. I think that's it...

PS: My brother's rental car is a silver Pontiac Sunfire. Compared to his Oldsmobile Cutlass Surpreme, it really is quite amusing to think of him driving that car. (Economy car vs (looks like, if isn't) Sports car)
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Composed Me

Another one bites the dust

Oh great, I think my sister's car just went kaput on me. I got in it to go to the post office to check the business P.O. Box and turned it on. The orange ABS light was on and the lights on the A/C buttons flashed intermittantly. I turned it off and attempted to start it again but it wouldn't make a sound. I hit the button to turn the headlights on but nothing happened. My theory: the battery is dead, possibly shorted.
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