August 9th, 2005

Tombo - Disappointed

Bored with a side of comment drought

Anyone else bored right now? Wait, don't answer that, you'd have to break your vow of comment silence on my journal. I haven't gotten a single comment in over a week now, not that I've posted any comments to generate a response anyway. But I digress, because I'm an attention whore and know it.

As I was saying, I'm bored. I've already read the first three books of Honor Harrington over again. I can't say I'm happy with the books that are primarily centered on Peep action because there's so much backstabbing I can barely stand it. What I want to do is get back to the books focused on Grayson and/or talk about technology R&D like the new LAC designs and what-not. But that's still a while off and for now I have to endure "Field of Dishonor". At least she'll kick butt.

PS: Admiral Courseviour and Admiral Yanakov should've got it on while they were together, not that they would've seeing as Yanakov had a couple of wives, but they did so many things in sync it's funny.
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