August 28th, 2005

Working on the computer, Working

Wow, I'm up all night; Optimizing IK's interface

I think this is the first time I've stayed up all night in months. I don't think I'll be able to do this again for while, though. I normally have to be up during the day to answer the phone but it's the weekend so either my brother or sister will probably be somewhere nearby to answer it.

I spent most of the night working on Imperial Kingdoms, mostly refining the user interface. I'm going through the CSS file and optimizing it based on how I use it in the game rather than how it was used in the forum. This means getting rid of a lot of redundant entries and renaming a few of them as well. I'm also optimizing the pages to take better advantage of the CSS file. For example, the list of buildings page with a full list has gone from ~30KB to ~20KB. I've done the same thing to several other files with similar results. I expect this to let pages load faster and for bandwidth usage to drop.

PS: For whatever reason, my friends list grinds to a halt on the weekend. You'd think there would be more entries on the weekend, not less, but... *shrug*
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Tombo - Disappointed

Stung by a Yellow Jacket

I go out to mow the lawn and about a third to half way done I get stung by a yellow jacket. I run in to get away from it, only to bring three of them in with me and get my sister stung three times (by the same one, which lost its stinger on her the third time). Great.
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