September 8th, 2005

Composed Me

A few random bits about me

It's amazing what people with friends will talk about. The only people I have to talk about things would question my decisions, or just don't care.

I have the house to myself until about 10 or so. My brother and sister are at MIG (in Memphis) for the evening. While it's tempting to try going around naked, it's also chilly and certain, albeit remote, windows don't have decent curtains.

The orkin guy called and came by earlier. Josh "mutually" left Orkin because it was conflicting with his schooling and he wasn't doing a good enough job so it was another guy that was taking over his route for now. We've gone through like three or four different people in the last year or so (one before I was here and two or three since). They usually only have to come out once every two months.

The University of Cincinnati is trying to bleed me dry. After getting $40 just for submitting an application, they now want another $50 for a "matriculation fee" now that I've been accepted. What the heck? They're lucky I get paid for mowing the lawn and I'll actually have the funds. I'll be left with barely $15 afterwords. I'm still not sure I'll be able to get a loan in time or even enough to cover all my expenses.

My LiveJournal paid status will be expiring on the 21st, which is also the day classes start at UC. If I can mow the lawn one more time before going I'll have the $25 for another year, otherwise I'll just have to let it lapse for a while.
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