November 21st, 2005

Self Portrait

It's almost time; only a little while left

I only have three two one episodes of Naruto left. I still have to pack my computer, GameCube, and a few more cloths (that I don't essentially need). I'll have to leave my clothes bin and the scanner my brother gave me before I came here (which I couldn't get to work so I assume is broken anyway). I still may have to leave my chair if I can't fit it in the box with the computer CPU. Yep, it's just too big to fit in the same box as the CPU. I'll just have to leave it here and either get a new chair or come back for it some day. Oh well, it can't be helped.

It has already cost 30 for the shipping supplies and it's going to cost ~40 for the shipping itself. I also have three things of luggage for the bus and it may cost 15-25 just to bring the third box with me. So far this moving thing hasn't been cheap; nearly a hundred bucks, and I only have ~33 in the bank. Rob footed the bill for the the shipping supplies for my computer and somehow I'll have to get him the money for the actual shipping by the 29th.

After this episode of Naruto is over I'll be breaking down the computer and boxing it up. I have a few more things to do tonight while I'm still here.
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