November 24th, 2005

Tombo - Disappointed

I'm rushing things again

I've been thinking about a few things I'd like to get some day. I'd like to get a Nintendo DS and Mario Kart DS so I can keep myself entertained even when I'm not at my computer, and so I can play the GameBoy games I already have again. I could also use a new pair of shoes because my current, and only, ones have grass stains around the bottom from mowing the grass over the summer, not to mention they're rather worn out. Lastly, but not at all in the least, I could use a few more sets of pants and shirts. I only have three or four sets right now. On the plus side, my parents gave me some money earlier today to get some cloths so I'll probably be going shopping soon after getting back to Tennessee.

No, I don't expect or think anyone should get any of the above for me. Yes, it would be nice, but I don't think it's really appropriate right now.

I haven't been able to find any leads on LiveJournal or even MySpace. I'm hesitant to contact any straight guys for one of many various reasions; from them freaking out, thinking I'm trying to hit on them (even if I may be), to not having anything in common with them. I'm also hesitant to contact any girls because ... well, same as above in some respects. And the number of gay guys within a 20 to 50 mile radius is very limited.

*sigh* I need to get into some sort of social function that isn't church related. Like the community college, for example.

And the worst part of it? I'm still in Louisiana for the holidays right now so it's not like I could do anything about it until after I get back on the 29th. Go me.
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