November 29th, 2005

South Park Self, Disappointed

We're back; now to settle in and meet people

Well, we're back safely in Dyersburg now, despite the fact my sister drives like a maniac in traffic. My computer isn't here yet so I can't exactly do a lot online without it.

I didn't get to go to any clubs or anything of the sort while I was in Florida, and it drove me crazy. I wanted to get out and socialize really bad. I wanted to just sit down with someone (preferably cute, mind you) and talk about things, perhaps watch a movie, and maybe even cuddle. That's all I really wanted to do; nothing serious. Just some down-to-earth interaction.

It seems like I may have lost my GameCube memory card. From the looks of it, it may have slipped out of the banana boxes through the hand-holds I used to transport my things down. There is a slight chance I simply forgot it in the computer box in Cincinnati since that's what I was originally going to ship the GameCube in, however I'm not certain how likely that is. Rob says he shipped one of the packages so I assume I'll find out soon enough.
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