December 2nd, 2005

Working on the computer, Working

Friggin ... *grumble grumble*

It seems like I have to reconfigure my internet connection on a regular basis anymore, and not once can it be as simple as 'plug and play', even in windows.

While my brother was at Office Depot last night he bought a D-Link DWL-G510 wireless PCI adapter. The first problem was whatever genius decided not to put Windows 9x drivers on the installation CD. To fix that I had to download them on the business computer and copy them to this computer, but that couldn't be simple either because I couldn't find a floppy disk and the CD burner wasn't working. Finally my sister let me use her flash drive and I copied the drivers for windows and linux over here.

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Oh, and during all this I found out my CD/DVD R/RW drive is having the same trouble the business computer's cd r/rw drive is having. Luckily I still have my old regular cd/dvd drive, but that still means I can't write cds or dvds anymore. Frickin' sucks.

Oh well. I'll figure something out eventually. I need to unwind now.
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Composed Me

Where'd you go?

Well, the two people I was talking to have gone to bed now, and there isn't really anyone else I'm interested in talking to on right now. What's with you people, going to bed before midnight on a Friday night?

I'm bored, still a little hyper and spastic, and ... did I mention bored? And I just yawned. >_>

I might as well go to bed too, huh?
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