December 7th, 2005

Happy, Happy - Get Real (Steve)

Recently & an STD test

Lately I've been quite tempted to try that whole 'beer in moderation' thing, but then I remember I'm only 19 and, secondly, who would I be socializing with by doing such a thing. No, that's just something I'll do without.

I also have a very ... unhealthy ... obsession. When I see connections I have to make them. Like in a game of Spider when I see two cards that go together it pulls at me to put one on the other, which invariably leads to another match, which quickly gets me so far into the game that it seems a waste not to finish it. This is especially bad with Linux's Patience card game collection as it doesn't ask you if you want to start another game, it simply starts a new one as soon as you're finished. In the end I have to tear myself away from the game and just forfeit a round to close it and get to other things.

I've also been getting into the bad habit of wanting things. Small things, albeit, however when you can't even get small things it's still something. This is especially bad for me because when I start thinking about doing, getting, or having something it drives me up a wall when I can't.

Last but not last, my sister brought me to the local health clinic where I got an STD test. There was a problem with the tube so another nurse who was just coming back from lunch had to stick the other arm to draw the blood they needed. They also had me do a gonorrhea test, which consists of Collapse ) I have to call back next Wednesday to find out the results.

There's some more from recently and today but that will have to wait. I need to grab a bite to eat and then my brother and I are going to Jackson to get a bunch of legal pads for the business.
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