December 23rd, 2005

Guys Cuddling on Couch

Even dreams have sequels

Have I ever told you about a dream I once had, what seems like ages ago? No? Well, I'll have to try telling at least some of it to you because I think I just had a sequel dream.

These dreams take place around the church on Erie street in New Orleans. I only vaguely remember the last one because of the new one. In the last one, the main event was when I discovered the head guy, let's call him Brother John, was cheating on his wife and on his company. The proof of this was a little journal/diary of his that he kept hidden inside a potted plant. Don't ask how I found this out, but I seem to like watching around corners of doors and through windows. x_x

In last night's dream, though, his construction company was expanding and he had brought a few more members of the church into it, Collapse )
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