January 2nd, 2006

Guys Cuddling on Couch

More sleep please

I went be bed at like 3am this morning and ended up getting up at like 9am. I then ended up going back to sleep within a couple of hours and sleeping another three or four hours.

I apparently need another nap. I feel really groggy and drained again. I shall go see about that then. x-x

(Hey, it's as good as any other excuse to not do my work)
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Let's all be socially polite now

People's version of "socially polite" sucks.

It's down-right rude. If you don't want to hang out with someone just frickin' tell them. They're going to get hurt more by you ignoring them than you saying you'd rather not hang out.


Edit: This is like the third or forth time in two weeks I've been put off.
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