January 12th, 2006

Distressed, Tombo - Distressed

Am I really that smart?

We're about to find out if I'm as smart as people really say I am.

Today was orientation for DSCC (Dyersburg State Community College). While there, we, my sister and I, looked into getting the financial aid I would need for the semester. In order to figure out how much that will be I first have to register for classes. We went over there and saw not only had they not gotten the syllabus from my classes at RPCC (River Parishes Community College), but I have to take the Residual ACT test before they can even begin registering me for classes. If they had gotten and accepted at least the English Composition I class I wouldn't have to take the English portion of the Residual ACT test.

The last Residual ACT test is today in less than half an hour. I haven't touched most of the subject matter in months, possibly since I was in RPCC.

Well, here goes nothing.
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