January 28th, 2006

Guys Cuddling on Couch

Great movie, great song; Bliss

I have watched the ending to Latter Days so many times... I'll probably watch it a few dozen more times too.

The song I'm listening to now is in the movie. I had watched the music video version of it on the DVD before seeing Latter Days even half way so I had kind of spoiled the ending (a little). Regardless, though, it's a really great song.
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    "Tuesday 3am" by Rebekah Jordan
Linux, MySQL, LAMP, PHP, Apache

Click click click goes the hard drive

My hard drive is likely to go out soon; it's making clicking sounds every time it's accessed.

I'm working with my brother to get everything backed up ASAP. Come Monday morning I'm going to shell out a hundred bucks for a couple hundred gigabyte drive. That should do nicely. *nod*
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