January 29th, 2006

Tombo - Disappointed

Horror movies play all night, then ask God for forgiveness.

Someone please stop the horror movies from playing all night. They're only supposed to be two or three hours long, not a night and then some. Yes, I had a sucky dream [in the three hours I was asleep].

I forgot how bleh preachers can be. So, today is Sunday and my radio station just has to play the same thing as KLOV, a Christian station. Yes, a today's hits radio station plays Christian music. On sunday morning at like 6 to 10 or 12. Ear plugs, please.
But anyway, that's not the reason I'm mentioning this. I got woke up by the phone (you'd think it would get the hint that I don't like this after the third or something day in a row) and when I got back to my room the radio had some preacher guy on. He was talking about how the bible says marriage is essentially with your best friend and then went on a spiel about what a best friend is. Once he was done he said "If your spouse is your best friend, great." and I was like "and..." which he does continue with "If not, you should pray to God to forgive you, ask your spouse to forgive you, and make a commitment to make them your best friend."

... Riiiight. I need God's forgiveness, for that? Uh, keep on truckin' pal.

I'm going back to sleep now, please.
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