January 31st, 2006

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

I'm back in high school

I'm sitting in the community college's computer lab, humoring the librarian. She's teaching us how to use a search engine, specifically the ones they "recommend" (read: do it this way or fail). No, not really, but I already know everything she's telling us. I think most of the people here do, except maybe like 5 people behind me. One of them has exclaimed "I love you, from the bottom of my heart" to the librarian for telling them about the resources.

I forget what we're supposed to be doing after this. If we're here much longer I may be tempted to load up some Imperial Kingdoms code and work on it. >_> Nah.

We should be going back to the classroom in about half an hour or so. One of the English Composition homework assignments was to see what she had said wrong in class that differs from the Oedipus Rex story, except I disagree with a lot of the stuff she said so I'm not sure what specifically she said "wrong". o.O
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Happy, Happy - Get Real (Steve)

Ulterior Motives

"I had ulterior motives." (me) Yeah, like a cute guy that works at Hastings. And he's tall, too. Like, half a head or more taller than I am, and I'm ~5'10".

Anyway, enough daydreaming.
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