February 10th, 2006

Snow Owl

Snow Fall!!

Woohoo! Everything is covered in snow now. ^_^
My first decent snow-fall during the day. Whee!

*eyes shoes and coat*
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Composed Me

Shrinking Rental GameCube Selections

Why are the local rental stores shrinking their GameCube rental collections? Just a month ago I could have gone to Hastings and found at least three whole rows of games available for rental. When I was there last night there was less than two rows (a row and a half, believe it or not) and at least a fifth of them were currently rented out.

On the other hand, I can see why they're shrinking the collection; I'm very reluctant to pay seven bucks to rent a video game. I feel insulted they offer me a dollar credit for returning it before closing the next day. There is no way I'm paying seven bucks for a game for 36 hours or less, not when I can buy most of them for two or three times that.
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    "Angel" by Madonna
Happy, Happy - Get Real (Steve)

Cute guys of the world

I apparently need to go globe hopping, cause a lot of the guys in the winter Olympics are cute. ^_^

Yessss...yesss.... my precioussss... ;-)

(My brother is watching it on TV right now and I'm leeching the video onto my computer)
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