April 1st, 2006

South Park Self, Disappointed

April Whatever Day

The one day a year when everyone tries to imitate The Onion. You know I don't read that, right?

*finds a hole to curl up in until tomorrow*

PS: I like Slashdot's first joke -- the site redesign.
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Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Repeat Performance by My Computer

For the second time ever, my computer made a siren sound and then promptly shut off. I'm pretty sure that's probably the temperature warning sound. It is a little warm in the house, and the air flow is kind of constricted with the cover on the computer. Not to mention the air I felt the case fan pulling in seemed warmer than the rest of the air around the computer.

Interesting. I've taken the cover off the case to improve air circulation and hopefully keep it from over heating again.

*goes back to Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories*

Update: Make that three times now. I'm just going to leave it off for a little while and go take a shower. (It's 77°F in here, or more)
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