April 11th, 2006

Distressed, Tombo - Distressed

Computer Courses Suck

Oh, geez.

Every single computer course at UT Martin requires at least CSIS 222, which in turn requires CSIS 221. This means you can't even begin to touch any computer courses for at least a year, and if you've already fulfilled your other requirements you just screwed yourself.

This is what my schedule for next semester is likely to look like. (ignore the dates; only the times count)

*wants to figure out who is actually hiring and just get a programming job*
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Self Portrait

Next Netflix DVDs

Netflix says that Brokeback Mountain and Billy Elliot (yes, I am gay; why do you ask?) are shipping today. If the last shipment is any indicator they'll be here Thursday or Friday, definitely by Saturday. Three movies a week isn't bad. The only reason the last ones took two weeks is because I was gone so much and I thought getting a new dvd/cd burner/reader would help it read scratched discs so I waited on that. For Legend of Zorro I simply skipped over the problematic section (it was in the first two minutes (production logos) so that wasn't a problem). As for Lemony Snicket, I coated and rubbed the data-side of the disc in liquid soap (like they say to), after which it worked fine.
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