April 13th, 2006

South Park Self, Disappointed

Another one bites the dust.

There went my bright idea.

I just read on Slashdot about Google releasing a new web-based Calender gadget. Since I made something similar in PHP to visualize Todd's school and work schedule I've been thinking about polishing it up, adding a user interface, and publishing it. So much for that.
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Tombo - Disappointed

Alien Abduction

I feel so alienated from everything right now.

Todd and I...
My Life...

... I think a nap and a shower are in order. Something to pass the time.
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    "One More Day With You" by Diamond Rio
Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

"I will..." No, no you're not.

"I know I'm supposed to be there like right now, but I'm just now leaving."

He said he would get here by four, and if it looked like he would be later than that then he would call. Uh... if you haven't left by three then you know you're not going to be here by four.

What the frick is up with no one being able to keep their schedule like they say they're going to. At the very least let me know you won't be on time; at least I won't be expecting you to show up at any minute. This is especially bad with those close to me.

*sigh* Now to find something to entertain myself with for the next twenty to forty minutes.
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