April 25th, 2006

Working on the computer, Working

Burn, baby, burn... Going down in flames

This... is not good.

My main windows partition (Windows 98) has pretty much obliterated itself. Running scandisk reported a dozen or more errors in AVG, Thunderbird, Gaim, Jasc ... not good at all.

I can still get into Linux, but Windows can't connect to the internet anymore, reports winipcfg as an invalid program, won't load Thunderbird, doesn't show the normal login screen on start up, and who knows what else is wrong.

I currently have it running Scan Disk (surface scan) on the main C: partition to see if some sectors went bad or something. No idea...

PS: I still haven't read the play for tonight's English class, and she intends to test us on it next week along with the final. ... We were just told to read the play last week; all of our other reading assignments were at least two weeks to read it, one to review, and then the test. There was that one play, Othello, that she took longer to read/review it... that could have something to do with it. Oh well.
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