April 28th, 2006

South Park Self, Disappointed

Buyer's Remorse

I'm having buyer's remorse.

The University here had an open auction this morning of surplus inventory. There were a bunch of chairs, copiers, televisions, old washers, some macintosh computers and laptops, as well as some desktop computers and several working (and broken) laptops. I looked over the laptops and only two of them were half decent. One was a 1.2GHz and the other was a 1.0GHz, and both had 256MB of memory. The rest were from 266MHz and under 1GHz.

Well, the bidding finally got around to the laptops and prices started at $100. Me and a couple of other people bidded up to $300. I got to choose one of the laptops as it was a first-come first-serve by highest bidder thing. I picked the first one, which happened to be the 1.0GHz computer. My sister asked me to see about getting her one as well so a couple of bids later I put in for $150 for one of the older models and got one of the laptops with a dock since they were the only two left.

Todd and walked back to the building where he had to do his radio lab. While he went up and took care of that I looked over my laptop. It was at this point I realized the CD drive was missing. =\ I also realized I didn't have the Administrator password for Windows XP Pro so I couldn't do a whole lot with that. The hard drive is only 18.6GB as well (3.6GB of which is being taken up by Windows XP Pro). On the plus side, I now have the rights to a copy of XP Pro if I just get a copy of the installation disk. On the down side, I need to get a CD drive for it (I'll see if my brother's old VAIO laptop might work... probably not). The case looks very worn, but other than that it is in good condition.

Specs for the Gateway Solo 9550 (the laptop I got for myself)

=\ I can't decide if I ripped myself off or if that was a semi-decent deal.
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