May 12th, 2006

South Park Self, Disappointed

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I think my head has been screwed with.

I just dreamed about Scott and my mom down in Louisiana. And Imperial Kingdoms / Xenocide 3001.

I feel really nostalgic now. I miss him. Again. :-\

I also went downstairs real quick and there was a note on the board from my brother about putting cloths in the dryer when you take them out of the washer. Something about Collapse )

Update 2006-05-12 06:32 CST: My sister has woken up and ventured downstairs. She is now causing drama with our brother about it. *wince*
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Guys Cuddling on Couch

*zombie* Sleeeeeeeeeep... Sleeeeeeeeeep...

Over the last week I haven't been able to wake up enough to actually get anything done. I feel... lethargic.

I felt tired at 7:30 last night (I was tired even before that, but this is where we start at) so I went upstairs to sleep. I put on Shrek, the first one, and laid down. I ended up watching it all the way through and still didn't feel tired enough to sleep, but not awake or focused enough to do anything. I wanted to work on Imperial Kingdoms or even the Gallery Codex (wiki documentation), except I couldn't focus long enough to get past the idea of working and into the actual code (thinking about it, that sounds like a good time to do planning instead of coding). I did manage to go to sleep but I woke up every two to three hours to pee.

As I'm writing this at 8 I've been up since 5:30, and I want to go back to sleep. Except I've set a time with my sister to go to Staffmark at 9:30. Hmm, that's only an hour and a half from now. I could take an hour nap. *ponders*
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Linux, MySQL, LAMP, PHP, Apache

Navigation bar settings failure

Would someone mind testing if they can change their navigation bar color from the new settings page (or at all) and reporting it? I don't feel like writing up a support request about it as, personally, I'd like to disable the stupid bar altogether. I already force my style to always be displayed so I don't need it (and it clashes with my style).
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