July 5th, 2006

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Dream Guy

As if semi-crushing on a permanently unavailable guy isn't enough I have to dream about an ex two nights in a row, and then last night dream of a guy in a fantasy land.

It felt like it was at UTM in the dorms. There were some interesting modifications to visit between dorm rooms; students were allowed to knock out a hole on any side of the room and turn it into a door into other dorm rooms for easy access. The guy was ... nice. That's about the best and only way I can describe it. He was comforting and engaging. I did start to leave after a while. My sister was going to pick me up but once she was actually there I felt her insinuating so much. I decided to let her go without me and go back to the dorm room.

It was locked so I went looking for one of the friends he had introduced me to. Once I actually found her (through a huge public bathroom, a few dorm levels, and a computer game room) she had a little talk to me about being with this guy. There was mention of it being work and rough times. I told her I wasn't sure I could do that; I told her I felt... unattached. She nodded and led me back to the dorm where the guy was back now. He asked if I was hungry because it was time for the chef to arrive and make lunch. Apparently the (a?) Chef visits each dorm room and makes the meals in-person for the students.

On an odd note, at various points during the dream the action switched to a scene with my sister and myself. She owned a building for one thing or another and was having the security system switched out. Apparently the one already installed was outdated and no longer working. Near the end of that alternate story there was mention of "snapping up contracts" and something or another by the original security system's technician.

I want to go back. *sighs dreamily*
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Baby Chicken

Polling for thoughts: A friend's ex

I was told yesterday it is "common sense" that it is bad to see a friend's ex in a non-platonic way.

Where does this come from and why do people believe that?
Do you think it is true? Why or why not?
Do you think there are exceptions? What would they be and why?
Would you be mad or offended if a friend started dating an ex? Why?
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