July 25th, 2006

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

I can't seem to keep my meeting agreements

Apparently I'm really bad about keeping up with talking to people. This is like the third time I've completely forgotten or fell asleep prior to the time I was supposed to call someone.

I was supposed to call someone tonight at 12:15am. At 11:45 pm I was already getting tired but went up to my room to get settled in and call in a few minutes. The next thing I know I'm waking up and it's 3:30am.

I also did this earlier today. I was supposed to call at 11:15am. I got up at 8am and got started with some programming within a couple of hours. The next time I look at the clock it's 12:30 pm and I mutter "Oh frick".

I think the last late-night call I managed to make without falling asleep, but then promptly excused myself to go to bed.

This should probably teach me not to make late-night commitments when I can't seem to stay up late enough to keep them. I'm going to have to apologize again now. I really didn't mean to miss it.
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usort(items, prompt);

There's nothing quite like exploiting technology to help make decisions for you. :-P

I have a list of items I want to get, but highly doubt I'll be able to get all of them. Some of them are pretty important while others are just novelty desires. Some of them I want just about as much as some others so I was having a hard time sorting the list to figure out what I wanted to get first. To solve this problem I made a little shell script that took the list of items in and then ran it through usort(). On each run of the user sort function prompts the user with the two items and asks them if the first was <, =, or > the second. For a list of eleven items I had to rank pairs of items approximately thirty one times, but it got me a list of items in pretty much the exact order I would like to get them in.
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Distressed, Tombo - Distressed

Stupid Videos

I really wish LiveJournal would provide the option to disable videos in my friends page. I think that was the dumbest idea they've done yet. If I wanted to watch the video then I would go to it at YouTube or wherever it is. The stupid things are making my flash extension get loaded and slow the page loading.
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