August 9th, 2006

Distressed, Tombo - Distressed

My sister is insane

My sister is fixated on forcing me to go to college this fall. She refuses to listen that I don't want to go that route anymore.

I have therapy appointments on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 3pm. Tuesday my sister had to go out of town so I had to get a cab back from the appointment. Tomorrow she's going to be busy at the college so she's going to have one of her friends drop me off instead of letting me drop her off in the morning and going myself. Apparently I'm not allowed to drive her car at all now unless I want to pay the hundred dollars a month to get put on the insurance. This also means that if I were to use her car to go to classes I would have to pay the hundred a month for the insurance in addition to the two hundred a month for gas.

My dad mentioned advancing some money to me to help get a better car than I might have been able to afford on my own. I had already intended on spending up to a thousand on the car itself and the ballpark figure he gave me was five hundred to a thousand. My sister is now laboring under the assumption that if she can get him to cough up the thousand that my thousand can be put toward paying for college instead of getting a better car.
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