September 14th, 2006

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Order Shipment - Amusement

I'm slightly amused by the shipping of my order from NewEgg. I bought three items, and all three are coming from different locations in different packages.

The laptop case is coming from La Puente, CA, Dock Door 6-7.
The Bluetooth USB adapter is coming from Memphis, Suite 101.
The laptop is also coming from Memphis, but Suite 102.

>.> I might get (unlikely, but a possibility) the two from Memphis tomorrow, but out of all likelihood even if they get here by midnight they'll just sit in the local warehouse until Monday. Ah, well, such is "three day guaranteed delivery" service. :-P
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This post is all about the icon. Cause I deserve it.

PS: Oh, and that last entry, which none of you can see now, has absolutely no truth to it. None what-so-ever. There is no proof, and there is no truth. It hasn't actually happened. Just my imagination running wild.