September 22nd, 2006

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Pleasantly surprised at a MySpace user

I dare say I am pleasantly surprised. When it comes to MySpace I normally get just a friend request (idiots and/or spam) or a message (usually spam), but last night (after I had gone to bed, so I actually got it this morning) I received not only a friend request, but also the proscribed message. Apparently someone on MySpace knows how to read, since my profile specifically states not to send just a friend request if I don't know you. That should make this all the more interesting because it's someone local to this area. Whoa. =P
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Patience: Not one of my virtues

Patience is not one of my virtues, apparently. I say this because I've been very impatiently waiting for someone to get on, or something to happen. Bad me, bad.

In other news, there was a very cute postal guy that drove past a little earlier. And you know how they always wear those extremely short shorts, and the tight shirts, and.... mmm, anyway. ^_^'
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Baby Chicken

"doing anything that would cause yo to get aids"

My dad just called to ask about the extra cables he has and if I left any of them while I was down there. I did leave one, a five foot ethernet cable, but that can be replaced just as easy as him sending it up.

During the course of the conversation he asked how the car was doing. I told him it was doing fine, I had made a few errands around town since getting back, and that I was planning on taking the trip up to Ohio and Michigan next week to meet some people I know on LiveJournal.

He then asked if I was "doing anything that would cause you to get aids". ... heheheh. I told him no, I haven't done any of that for months (which is the truth). :-P

Ahh, my parents.
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