September 27th, 2006

Working on the computer, Working

Things done; Things to do; busy day

Things I've gotten done this morning:

Made a copy of the insurance papers I signed like a week ago and put them in the mail.
Made a copy of the insurance cancellation notice and put it with the papers to be FedEx'ed to Louisiana to get my expedited birth certificate.
Sorted receipts and threw away extra papers on desk.
Getting third Blockbuster DVD ready to send back (finally).
Contacted nakednerd about the possibility of meeting up while I'm in the area this weekend.
Replied to several LiveJournal comments that have been sitting in my in-box.
Checked out the shirt my sister got me for my birthday (yes, several months ago) and put it in the bag to be exchanged at Wal-Mart for a smaller size (She got me a large).
Made a note to get a filing folders/box/cabinet for all my papers while I'm at the store later today.

I still have 62 emails in my in-box to be dealt with, 45 of which are LiveJournal comments I've been meaning to respond to.

Off to other work now. I'll probably spend the rest of the morning coding up my own flavor of MVC framework (sick of trying to use Gallery as a base for one). Around noon I'll be calling the mechanic to make sure everything is still ok. Some time between then and 1:30 I'll get in the shower, after which my sister will be bringing me by the mechanic to pick up the car. After that, I'll go to get my hair cut and then Wal-mart to deal with those other things (the above shirt exchange and returning a chess set I bought last night; "solid wood boards", cheap thin plastic pieces) and FedEx to mail off the birth certificate request papers. After that, home to wash my hair and maybe some more coding. Then this afternoon around 5 I'll be going to play Racquetball with my sister for an hour. Then, after that (if they didn't join us at Racquetball) I'll be off to play some Chess.

Uh, yeah, busy day. Ta'ta. :-P

PS: Oh, and some time before I leave tomorrow I need to fit in a couple of hours to mow the lawn. It needs it and I probably won't be able to do it until Tuesday if I don't do it before I leave. Mm....
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South Park Self, Disappointed

Cancelled plans

Well darn. Company won't be joining us for Racquetball, and in fact has cancelled all plans for this evening. If it's not one thing (my car) it's another. =\
I want to leave to Ohio/Michigan now. That or I'm tempted to cancel Ohio/Michigan so I'll be available later this week. But no.
Oh well, here's to Racquetball then.

Update: Sucked at Racquetball. Lost all three games.
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