October 5th, 2006

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"The Window"; sore toe; 'date'

Last night I was introduced to the concept of "The Window". Apparently when you first meet someone there is a "window" that you can start a relationship in. If you don't then it's "just friends".

To explain the "sore" mood, last night while playing Racquetball with my brother and sister, I slammed into the wall trying to race across the court to get to the ball. I hurt my shoulder, which feels fine, as well as my foot. The second to last toe on my right foot is ringed with a red line now, and is kind of sore. I can still move it for the most part, but it does seem a little swollen. I showed it to my sister this morning and she insisted I get it checked out by a doctor. I now have an appointment with my doctor at 12:30 today.

I had a "date" last night (in the informal "just hanging out" definition; nothing serious). It was ok. It was by no means bad, but it wasn't as great as I could have hoped for. This is largely because it was a sort of 'forced scheduling' thing. I had Racquetball before and he had to go out with his roommate after, so we only had a few hours to hang out. I brought my brother's Chess set with me and we played a game. The only time I have been beaten worse than last night was on the Alaska cruise years ago in the tournament. >.> *le sigh*

I promise I'll write about my weekend soon. I'm just still kind of busy catching up on things from when I left and working on various projects.
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Baby Chicken

Doctor Visit

Doctor visit went well. He said it looks like I just bruised it really badly. I asked him how long it would probably take to not be sore and to clear up and he said about two to three weeks or so. He said even if it had a hairline fracture there wasn't really anything they could do for it but let it heal. He wasn't originally going to have me get an X-ray, but then decided to go ahead with it as a "just in case". I went to the hospital and got the X-ray done. They took them twice because the guy said he just wasn't satisfied with the first set, "not at all." *shrug*

They'll send them over to my doctor and I assume he'll call me if something turns up.
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Guys Cuddling on Couch

First scene of the movie "Under One Roof"

Insert guy taking a shower.
Insert second guy from off camera putting hand on first guy.
Insert second guy starting to give first guy a blow job.
Insert mother opening shower curtain.
Insert mother looking the scene of the two of them up and down.
Insert mother declaring "This won't help me get a grandson."

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