October 12th, 2006

Get Real - Sad, Sad

Mood swing

I forgot how easily my mood swings. Not more than ten minutes ago I was content, yet as I progressed through reading an article about Google's developer environment, I exponentially progressed towards being utterly disappointed in myself and depressed. No, really, I am. It's hard not to be when I'm worse at being productive, comprehensive, or even useful than everyone I can think of. I see these great dynamics like Google or LiveJournal and I can't help but feel left out. No, I'm not being left out; I'm unqualified. :-(

Ok, back to trying to be productive.
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Please Learn To Read

Please learn to read...

I'm going to start sending this to people that send me a friend request on MySpace that I don't know and that don't send a message.
... Just cause I know it's going to annoy them. :-)
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