November 7th, 2006

Composed Me

Yes, I did vote.

Just to keep the spam going, I did vote (Just got back, actually). So here's how I voted:

Amendment 1, define marriage as only between a man and woman and consider any other states' definition void: No.
Amendment 2, freeze (from going up) property taxes on personal residence for anyone over 65 and house value under X: Yes.

Candidates: No votes. They're all whack jobs in so many ways that none of them are any better than others.

I'm off to get some food and then go clean a house, or two. Later.

PS: There was one independent senate candidate who "agrees more with the Republican party than the Democratic party, but considers the former too modern." Oh, and wants to abolish the separation of church and state because it's not supported by the constitution and thinks that bible-led public school classes are ok.
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