December 27th, 2006

Baby Chicken

Inadvertent Diet

I inadvertently went on a diet when I got sick. For over 48 hours I didn't eat anything that stayed down for more than half an hour. When I last weighed myself several weeks ago I was about 145lbs and very slowly inching my way up. This morning I weighed in at 133lbs. While certainly not a method I would recommend to lose some weight, it did do it. Now it will be a while longer before I have to worry about hitting 150lbs and going on a real diet and exercise program. I should probably consider starting some sort of exercise program anyway, but I don't have the time. ... Do I? Hmm...
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Shower Procedure

Poll #896063 Shower Procedure

Let's say you're alone in the shower and you suddenly have to pee really bad. Do you...

Dry off, get out, pee, and then get back in
Get out sopping wet, pee, then get back in
Hold it until you're done
Pee in the shower
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