February 25th, 2007

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Plans, plans, plans.

My manager at Papa Johns decided to make this my last week, so March 3rd will be last day. I'm going to take my sister, and possibly brother, to St. Louis on the 4th to see the Arches and a sight-seeing cruise.

I decided to head up a little earlier than originally planned since I won't be working the next week so that I have time during the week to look at apartments. I've picked out a hotel in Amarillo, TX for the 6th, and another one in Las Vegas, NV for the 7th and 8th. I'll make the reservations as soon as the company gets back to me Monday. If I don't have an apartment by the end of 9th then I'll need to make other sleeping arrangements, which will be interesting.

As far as apartments go, I'm not looking for too much. I'd like one with at least washer and dryer hookups because the whole "paying two bucks a load" to wash my cloths doesn't sit well with me, especially if I have several loads (whites/towels, clothes, and bed sheets). I'd also like a dish washer, but that won't be a deciding factor. Oh, and two bedrooms so my guests can have their own room (No, I don't know who I would be having as company, but I am keeping it open as an option), or simply as extra work room *shrug*. Oh, and it should be less than 30, preferably less than 15, miles from work. With all that in mind, it looks like I'll be about 700$ a month.

More on all this as it happens.
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