March 5th, 2007

Snapdragon Drooping

I suck.

I mean, why do I even bother trying to play Racquetball when I know I suck. I've won maybe three or four games the entire time I've been playing, and we usually play two or three games a night. So that's like 3-4 games won out of 24-36 total... yeah, I suck.

I felt so emotionally torn tonight that in addition to constantly losing I felt crushed. And then I twisted my knee while plopping down after screwing up a hit, and I took time out until it felt better and they finished up that game. I got back in and felt so... so... determined and focused. I made one or two points per rotation and almost won (14 to 12 to 10) before we ran out of time. And no, that doesn't count as a win; I can easily get ahead by 6, 8, or even 10 points, but then I just suck the rest of the game and they'll win.

Yeah, he's going to think I'm a psycho because I've sent him three messages and he hasn't responded. Except he still hasn't said "No", so whatever. If he's going to complain about someone sending him three completely relevant messages yet doesn't just say "No", then he's delusional. You're stupid if you think ignoring someone means they know you don't want to talk to them. And yes, I really do mean that if anyone who happens to read this does that and expects that response. If you're offended, go away. I don't care. I don't have time to sugar coat things for you and make you feel better about your delusional childish manners.
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