March 9th, 2007

Snow Owl

House/Apartment Hunting, Part I

I went house/apartment hunting today.

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Honestly, I'm very tempted by the 3 bedroom condo lease. It's about 30% of my take-home pay, but it is doable. I've also been asked why I need a three bedroom apartment in the first place... Well, yes, I don't need a three bedroom apartment; I want a three bedroom apartment. Need is a tiny studio room for dirt-cheap thirty miles out of town. Anything above that is a luxury.

Regardless, my hotel stay is up at 11am tomorrow. I'll need a place to stay if I don't have an apartment by then. I guess I'll give this couch-surfing thing another try, and hope the person I talk to isn't about to go on spring vacation.
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Neighborhood noises; unpacking; shopping

There are a gaggle of girls giggling (and screaming) across the road from my new apartment. It will be nice when I get my computer set up and music playing; these things will then be mostly be ambient noise. The airplanes are still there, but give it a week or two and they'll probably become ambient noise.

For now I need to finish unpacking, check my banking account and cash, then head off for some grocery shopping. I also need to get some furniture in here; a table, couch, TV stand & TV, and of course a [queen size] bed.

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