March 10th, 2007

Tombo - Disappointed

The morning update (Well, it is here anyway)

... I am getting a mattress. Sleeping on the hard tile floor, even with the entire sleeping bag and everything else on the floor, is not comfortable. At all.

I've found a something on CraigsList (I suspect they're actually a business) for just a queen-size plush mattress and box set for 120$. They're "out of town" for the weekend so I'll have to wait until Monday, (9-6, ooo, definitely a business, haha). *shrug* It feels fishy to me, but we'll see.

Up next: I have no gas, so I can't cook and I don't have any hot water. I've tried to get the microwave to heat up a cup of water for the last fifteen minutes and it's still cold. Uh.... what?? *sigh*
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Are you freaking out?

Many people have asked if I'm nervous, freaked out, etc etc etc. For the most part I'm not, and especially not about the change in scenery, location, the move itself, or even the lack of access to my regular habits.

What am I freaking out about, then?


Yeah... that's me alright. heh
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