March 28th, 2007

Snow Owl

Reversal of events; taking care of business

I spent a couple of hours last night, and another one this morning, reviewing all 50-60+ pages of the driver's guide handbook. If you're under 25 when applying for a transfer of state license then you have to take the written test. I'm going to get that taken care of this morning. The vehicle registration will have to wait until I have the funds to get a new insurance company. The reason I have the time to get this done is because of a microwave repair guy coming over some time between 10 and 12; my job is working with me to get this taken care of. I'll have to work a few extra hours over the next few days, but I have no problem with that.

Did anyone else just notice I wrote that paragraph in reverse order of events? o.o

More later. Shower now.
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