March 31st, 2007

Ctrl+Alt+Del - Scott & Ted

Usage implications of the word "real"

I see a lot of people say "the real world" and "in real life" and it bothers me. It makes me wonder "What is fake or unreal about this?" I never can find a reason to support that question, either. When people use the word "real" to describe something I feel like they're trying to salve their conscious for their decision.

While directly there is a non-human interaction going on, indirectly it is still two, or more, people communicating and exchanging ideas. This is the same thing that happens in person but often without the emotional attachment (Not that people who don't understand that don't add their own emotional attachment)

The reality of the matter is that this is no less real than anything else; it is simply different and that may not work for some people. And often times I'll see people say "the real world" and "in real life" when they're talking about leaving LiveJournal or not being online more often; their problem is they don't know how to balance the two, like you would balance time between activities or friends, so they decide to cut it off completely. Would you cut off your phone if it interrupted time you were spending with a friend? No, probably not. You'd simply put it on mute and let the voice mail take the call until later.

The internet has an automatic voice mail feature; it waits until you're ready for it.
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Guys Cuddling on Couch

Maybe I do have a heart after all.... nah.

It makes me sad to see people I care about be lonely. I want to be there for them, except I know that I am only too far inadequate in so many ways.

Ok, that's enough of that. It's time for me to get some food and get started on things I've been putting off.
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Baby Chicken

Poll: Custom License Plate

I'm going to have to get my car license changed over to Nevada soon. I'm sorely tempted to get a custom license plate with my internet handle on it (Zimzat). It would be purely a novelty item, though, and would provide a solid (permanent?) link between my online and offline activities. Considering that...

Poll #957849 Custom LIcense Plate

Would you get a custom license plate that was uniquely identified as you, and that people offline could follow to your online presence?


Any particular reason why?

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Snapdragon Teeth

April 1st - Ground Hog's day. Mine, that is.

While reality says there are still fifteen ten minutes until April 1st for even the East coast, some places have already started with the jokes.

Time for me to slink into my little hole and wait for the insanity to subside.
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