May 8th, 2007

Snow Owl

Flight plans

My sister is having a "Crawfish Boil" June 2nd. Yesterday I booked the plane tickets for an 11:45pm flight out June 1st, and a 7pm flight back June 3rd.

The previous weekend may or may not have me flying out elsewhere. Still waiting on confirmation of that.

Back to work now. There is some "Important" work being done that we're holding off on just long enough to have a regular lunch (vs lunch in).
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Faded clothes; Chicken cross the road

I need to get some new clothes. For whatever reason, the first time I washed all my clothes after moving here they all faded several shades. I think it's something in the water, but I suspect there may be a better detergent I could use to keep that from happening. I'll need to look into that before I get new clothes so it doesn't happen again.

A little incident that happened on my way home for lunch:
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Who cares, it was amusing just to see him do it!
(Yes, a chicken really did run across the road in front of my car)
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Where art thou Graveyard Greg?

I like graveyardgreg's work, but he seems to have so many projects going on that he's losing track of them.

Carpe Diem's domain expired nearly a week ago.
Gaming Guardian's hasn't updated in over a month now.
Dungeons & Denizens hasn't updated in even longer.
I stopped waiting for Furry! to update a long time ago.

... Wait, is he disappearing from the internet?? *sigh*
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