January 20th, 2008

Baby Chicken

Time flies; Time for a change

Time flies. I have lived in Las Vegas for over 10 months now, and in less than two my lease will be up. It automatically goes to a month-to-month renewal with 30 days notice of intent to vacate.

Now that my lease is almost up I would like to start looking for a house. That has been my intention from the beginning, but I was on too tight of a schedule, and too inexperience and uninformed, when I moved here to be picky. Over the past ten months I've come to appreciate the relative seclusion that a house gives to things like TV sounds through a wall or footsteps above.

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So where does that leave me? About a month to figure out what I can do financially and then find some place to suit. Any advice?
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Coming out stupid

What is it with the movies where the guy who is coming out has sex with a female, even best friend, to see if they're not gay? I know this probably parallels some stuff that actually happens, but it just drives me insane to see someone do something so monumentally stupid.

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