February 4th, 2008

South Park Self, Disappointed

Mail fail, water fail, condo fail.

I got home from work and went to check the mail but a note on the mail room door said that the lock was jammed. The guy before me and the lady after both tried their keys just to confirm that yes it was jammed. I don't know if the mail even got delivered today, but hopefully it's open by delivery tomorrow. I re-ordered Just a Question of Love from Netflix just because I want to see it again. It's in French but it's a really good movie even with subtitles.

I got home and tried to turn on the water only to find out that it is off. Again. It seems to be cut off on a fairly regular basis. A co-worker who also lives in this community was telling me about the state of affairs of the houses and the management. Apparently the community was once known as Camden Apartments but the original construction was so shoddy that they decided to relabel it as condos and sell it to investors. Supposedly condos are built to insulate sound better than apartments, but I've suspected this isn't the case here. shear_logic can attest to that fact.

Edited: Forgot to mention that my heater doesn't seem to be working either. It was at 75 earlier so I set it to 76. After ten minutes of seemingly colder air it hadn't budged. At least I still have electricity, an electric mini-heater, gas, and bottled water.

Edited again: Water has returned about 9:30pm. Now to hope it's still back in the morning.
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