March 2nd, 2008

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Cats returned; Food & Movies; Misc

The cats were brought back a couple of hours ago. I don't regret bringing them back; I only doubt that bringing both of them back was the right choice. The lady said they would probably have to be split up anyway. The possibility of moving somewhere that wouldn't be conducive to having a pet moved me toward letting them both go until I see what happens after the move. If it is still in the cards and something I still want then I'll reconsider, but it will probably be a kitten instead of one of them back. I think.

After I dropped them off I went to South Point. I had a chicken sandwich at one of the little restaurants and then checked out the movies that are playing. They had just started all the movies at least 20 minutes before so I got The Spiderwick Chronicles for 2:55pm and Jumper for 5:05pm. I checked out the bowling alley and looked into the arcade but didn't feel like playing anything to waste the time. I'm only 10 minutes from the hotel so I'm now home. I'll be heading back in about 20 minutes.

In the mean time I'm writing this entry, checked on LiveJournal and GameHavoc, and am going to start cleaning up all the cats' things.

I need start putting my thoughts together on my personal/love life. Half the entries I want to write about it see me flailing around in my emotions. Occasionally an internal dialog starts to touch on some real issues, but .. *shrug*
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Spiderwick Chronicles; Jumper;

I have now seen Jumper. After seeing Spiderwick Chronicles I wasn't sure I felt like it but I got in the mood. I actually enjoyed it and found it to be quite fun. The bank robbery bit left a sour aftertaste in my mouth, but that doesn't mean I agreed with Roland's version of discipline. The last part of the end was a bit sad but not too much so.

Spiderwick Chronicles was also fun. I loved the fantasy edge, the acting was fairly smooth, and the conversations were believable. There was one moment in particular that was very cliche but they even managed to pull that off with some belief. The ending seemed a little odd, but fitted the "happily ever after" (it did seem to make itself as a kids movie after all). Good stuff.

Oh, by the way, don't take my opinion for any movie. I like a lot of movies that most don't, and don't enjoy quite a few movies that most do.

After that I went directly to the store for groceries. I've been out of milk since Friday. While there I saw Shrek I, II, and III as a box set for the price of two so I bought that. III wasn't nearly as good as I or II, but for the same price I'll take another gander (when seen in theaters we missed the first 5 to 10 minutes so what we missed was the 'why' of the entire thing).

I'm off to do a load of laundry. I'm thinking about wearing khakis, a white undershirt, and an unbuttoned green plaid shirt tomorrow. I figure that if I don't know fashion then I might as well embrace the farm bumpkin look. heh
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