May 11th, 2008

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Tracking Finances (v2)

I've been using a custom made script to keep track of my finances. It would run through my expenses and track the balance of my bank account over the next x months. The problem is that I only envisioned a single bank account and hacked on support for the savings account. Now that I also have four bank accounts the script started to hiccup, badly. It couldn't keep track of both sets of accounts at the same time, never mind payments between accounts.

I finally decided enough was enough. The amount the script tracked and the amount actually in the bank accounts varied widely. It took about two and a half hours to write a new version that supported multiple accounts. I copied over some parts from the old script but the majority is completely new. It's also only the core functionality for projecting future balance; I have yet to import the various output formats that made the old version quite so useful. On the other hand the new version provides a lot more information about changes so recreating some of those should be a simple as adapting the variables and removing some output calculations.
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