May 28th, 2008

South Park Self, Disappointed

Addictive songs; remixes

There's something about the "You're My Number One" by S Club 7 song that is rather addictive. A co-worker has a music share that I've been listening to for new things and a bunch of remixes of various songs are on it. This one and "Fool No More" by S Club 8 are two that I really like. I like some of the remixes better than the original song (and vice versa). I especially like some of the Almighty Mix versions of songs.

A nice bonus now that I've seen the music video is that the guy in the blue shirt is fairly attractive and the guy in the tan shirt has a certain allure. Of course it is just a music video so who knows what the personality is like. Moving along...

PS: Someone tell the neighbor to go inside for his nightly cellphone conversation. If he was speaking English I could probably tell you what was being said, and my windows are shut. I guess I need to have them looked at for sound insulation? Both this place and the last has absolutely horrible sound insulation in the bedroom. The last one I could understand since the window frames were bent. This one? *shrug*
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    "You're My Number One" by S Club 7