July 7th, 2008

Snow Owl

Waiting; Doctor; DS Games

I sit in the game room, kind of bored, staring at my laptop and refreshing various LiveJournal and forum pages. My luggage has all be packed and I had some cereal earlier. We've gone out so much that I have two leftover meals that I won't eat. We still plan on having Thai today before heading back to Memphis for my departing flight this evening.

I've scheduled an appointment at my doctor's office for 9:40 tomorrow morning. I'm going to have the 'acne' looked and see about getting it treated or at least a referral to somewhere I can. I thought I was doing better on my own, seeing as my forehead has largely cleared up, but yesterday I noticed a few new bright red spots and whiteheads. Oye.

I looked up some Nintendo DS games this morning and made a list of a few that look like they might be interesting. I'm going to stop by Hastings one more time and see if they have any. I know they have Animal Crossing: Wild World and I may have seen New Super Mario Broths., but I'm hoping they might have Professor Layton & the Curious Village, Summon Night: Twin Age, and/or Solitaire Overload.
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