August 19th, 2008

Tombo - Disappointed

It's been a while; stuff

Tonight's fortune is: Investigate new possibilities with friends. Now is the time!
There are also some numbers on the back that total to 121.

In other news I have a cold, or something of the sort. At the very least I have a runny nose and possibly developing a sore throat. Oh well, it's only going to get worse before it starts to get better.

On the way home from work this evening I stopped at a Thai restaurant near my house. I ordered some level 6 Yellow Curry with Chicken to go. I figured that since I have a runny nose the hot food would do me some good. I got the stuff home and put the curry and rice containers next to each other on the counter. The rice came in the traditional small box but the curry was in a quart sized container. Err, what? The ratio is a little odd but the food is still good. I ate about half the rice and 1/5 of the curry. I'll be having curry leftover for a while now, heh. :-)

Tomorrow I'm going shopping with a friend from the monthly game night. She's supposedly very good at dressing up the men so hopefully I'll have at least a full week of pants and shirts after this, and maybe even a new pair of shoes (that will make two pairs for every day wear).

Thursday evening a couple of couch surfers should be flying in. They'll be staying about 5 or 6 days before flying out again.

Saturday scixual will be arriving as well. He's set to fly out the next day and return again for a day a week and a half later.
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